About us


NGO Adria advocates the attitude that people with disabilities have the right to be equal and active members of society. We believe that people with developmental disabilities must be directly involved in the social environment, respecting and respecting the rights of those persons, in contrast to the merciful and sorrowing attitude towards them. NGO "Adria" - for people with special needs was established at the end of 2001 and introduced into the Register of Non-Governmental Organizations on October 11, 2001 under No. 1308. The mission of the NGO "Adria" is: Itegration and socialization of persons with special needs in society according to their capabilities. It consists in the protection, promotion of needs and assistance in the realization of the rights of persons with special needs. Our mission is to reach out to the general public about the problems and needs of people with disabilities, with a special focus on people with disabilities, in order to sensitize the community in order to actively involve them in solving the problem, as well as providing support to these people and their families in terms of representation, education , integration. The activity of the association is: Individual and group work with members; Realization of the rights of members of the association in order to protect their personality, legal subjectivity, movable and immovable things and money; Development of individual programs for members of associations based on their preserved abilities: program participation in various activities organized in the association (working and occupational therapy, work engagement, cultural and entertainment activities, recreational activities, etc.); Securing the accommodation of members of the association depending on the degree and type of disturbance in psychophysical development-disability (living room, community housing, housing)
We suggest that it is:
1. regardless of the type and extent of the present damage, the place in the family, to enable them to participate in education, work engagement, sports and recreational activities that are in accordance with his age and abilities.
Adult to a person with developmental disturbances should allow life in his / her home, enable work, in accordance with his / her own interests and possibilities, and involvement in the activities of the local community.
One of the primary problems is that many families that have a person with disabilities and the OSI themselves do not know their rights and obligations. We want to provide people with intellectual disabilities (mental retardation) and their families an insight into their rights and obligations deriving from them through the regular work of the office.

The problem of non-existence of adequate social support systems is one of the most difficult systemic and long-term problems faced by families with members with disabilities. The hardest category is those who have mental retardation and combined disabilities and whose preserved abilities make it impossible for them to employ and other activities related to their involvement in the community and the protection of their guaranteed rights. Consequently, the biggest burden is borne by the family to whom psychosocial support should also be provided.
People with severe and multiple distractions are completely excluded from participating in economic activities and are at the lowest level of social division of labor, which sends them a clear message not only to their beneficial members, but also to their burden. The burden is borne by the parents of the person with disabilities.

It is necessary to develop the necessary support circle without which life is hardly conceivable Within its regular activities carried out by the NGO Adria, it is also the strengthening of OSI support services. A very important role in the life of the OSI family and the persons with disabilities has also developed a support service and social services. One of these services is the Day Care that the NGO Adria provides for a continuous period of 10 years. This is just one service and is not enough to meet the needs of OSI. Other services include Day Care Centers, Personal Assistants, Teaching Assistants, Adapted Transportation, various forms of OSI employment, housing with support, counseling with families. In order to promote and realize various humanitarian, health, educational, educational, cultural, social, information, sports, recreational and other interests of its members, and other people with disabilities, we should work on greater incentives for the community, local self-government, creating optimal material and financial prerequisites for the work and activities of the Association. In addition to creating partnership relations between NGOs and institutions, the respect and amendment of laws dealing with persons with disabilities would significantly increase the participation of persons with disabilities in the social life of the community in all its segments. NGO Adria represents the social model of access to disability. Unfortunately, there are still stereotypes and prejudices against people with disabilities and the medical model of access to disability is also largely represented. Therefore, the awareness of both the disabled and their families and the awareness of the employees in the institutions and the entire public in order to become acquainted with the rights, needs and obligations of the OSI must be changed. The number of active members is about 20, and only the association has 43 members.