Realized projects

So far, we have worked on a number of projects related to OSI at all levels, of municipal and regional importance related to the promotion and affirmation of OSI, both independently and in partnership with institutions (UNICEF, SAVE THE CHILDREN, OOCK BAR, CARITAS BAR, LOCAL GOVERNMENT, IRD, MINISTRY OF EMPLOYMENT OF MONTENEGRO, MUNICIPALITY OF BAR, OTHER NGO (UMHCG; CRNVO etc...)
• We are one of the founders of the Network for Education and Development of the Support Service for OSI (MERSP) and the Association of People with Disabilities at the republic level.
• We are also founders of the Inclusive Network.
• As founder and president of NGOs, I have been at many seminars organized by UNICEF; SAVE THE CHILDREN; TIM TRI; CRS; FONDAS; IRD; CEDEM; CRNVO, CEMI; ADP ZID, I am a Coach for the Consultative Process and Participatory Analysis in the organization of UNICEF and I have a certificate for working in inclusive teaching where I attended the seminar organized by SAVE THE CHILDREN,
• At the invitation of the relevant Ministries of Labor and Social Welfare and the Ministry of Health, I participated on behalf of NGOs at many meetings both at the local level and on the republican PRSP, NAP for children LPA for children and many others .
• I participated in the PRSP research
• I am a member of the KPA at the local level for the LPA
• I worked in two schools in Podgorica with the topic "Violence in school"
• Our NGO was the first in 2002, in cooperation with the Cultural Center, to make a humanitarian concert with the active participation of children with intellectual disabilities under the title Dobroto osvojimo svet.
• Every year, we organize special events for members.
• We have implemented a project Your needs are ours.
• Since 2006, we have realized the Sun Workshop.
• Every year we celebrate 3 December International Day of OSI and we hold a concert.
• Realization of round tables.
• Realization of workshops.
• Realization of the seminar.
• Partnership agreement with the Bar Municipality and ZZZCG MZ Polje II signed.
• An organized trip to the affiliated association "Libenshilfe" in Nuremberg and a co-operation.
• In cooperation with UNICEF and Bar Municipality, two LPAs for Bar children were realized.
• With the support of UNDP, we are implementing a day care facility for adults with disabilities.
• We are continually strengthening volunteering and volunteering.
• With the support of UNICEF, we are implementing the project Young volunteers Bar - advocates of inclusion.
• Members of the Working Body at the level of the Municipality of Bar for Social Inclusion of marginalized groups.


The project that we are about to implement soon (donor - Municipality Bar) - A development skills camp for the duration

A development skills camp where adults with disabilities will participate with accompanying and 2 educators-animators aimed at developing and improving different life skills (communication, conflict resolution, problem solving, emotion control, teamwork, solidarity, work habits. ..). The camp is based on principles and well-founded knowledge in the field of child psychology, primarily on the cognitive-behavioral approach. The total number of participants is 16 and the duration is 7 days. The aim of the Camp is to develop and improve various life skills (communication, conflict resolution, problem solving, emotion control, team work, solidarity, work habits ...). A rich and interesting seven-day program includes educational, experiential and creative workshops, social games, sports and entertainment activities. In this way, the participants will improve existing skills and acquire new skills, with the aim of developing their social and emotional maturity. The camp will be realized in Buljarice.
By attending the camp participants will:
• improve communication skills with peers and authority (teachers, parents)
• learn how to deal with conflict situations - to fight for oneself, and not to be aggressive towards others
• to recognize the importance of mutual cooperation, tolerance and teamwork
• develop a sense for other people's needs
• learn how to recognize and control your feelings (anger, fear, hurt ...)
• spend leisure time well, get new friends and have fun.
Expected results:
• Adults with disabilities will have the opportunity to increase their knowledge of their environment, strengthen self-esteem and social inclusion.
• The staff of "Adria" and volunteers will gain new experiences and develop new models of access to work for people with disabilities.


Training and education for the development of services.

• In order to improve the level of quality of raising awareness services, training will be organized for all employees, social partners and parents through the realization of a two-day seminar. The theme of the seminar is Social services for adults with disabilities.
• The number of participants in the seminar is 15 persons.



The project aims to reduce prejudices and stereotypes that still dominate people with disabilities and especially people with disabilities. Prejudice is present both in the wider community, institutions, parents of these persons and often also with people with disabilities themselves. Laws in Montenegro are good but it is still necessary to work hard on the development of awareness among citizens, representatives of institutions, parents and persons with disabilities, and to introduce them to the rights, obligations of all in order to reduce prejudices and stereotypes, creating a favorable climate for the integration of people with disabilities in the community And an inclusive society. The activities we plan to implement:

1. Education through the realization of 3 two-day seminars, The aim is Motivation, informing, sensitizing the participants of the seminar to get to know the rights and obligations of OSI and to find ways and possibilities of active involvement in the community of people with disabilities.

Expected result
Parents educated, informed and ready to cooperate
Transformation and normalization of family relationships
Overcoming isolation from social life
Increasing the quality of life
Realizing the right free time and social life of family members

Increased awareness of families about the need and possibilities of active participation of the OSI in the community, the various occupational activities of people with disabilities that will be realized in the association,
Reducing the constraints of its members
Number of family members involved in the seminar
Evaluation sheets

Sources of verification
Families and use tips from workshops
The level of family satisfaction after the seminar
2. We will realize the survey through a survey and a semi-structured interview, and after the completed research on the attitudes of the citizens of Bar -80 persons, we will prepare a brochure for people with disabilities. After the completed survey, the selected designer will make a brochure, print and distribute a handy brochure in 300 copies. The poll will run two interviewers for three months.
3. Realization of various educational workshops for people with disabilities With 12 persons with disabilities, six children and six adults (eight men and four women) will organize various cultural, artistic, recreational activities in the community and the Association twice a week for two hours. They will have two assistant assistants lasting eight months and will include volunteers if necessary. Learning various life skills, participation and visiting various cultural, entertainment events, various creative workshops. Artistic, musical, sports and recreational. Initially, participants need a high degree of support, but over time it decreases as participants slowly develop skills in a selected field.

Expected result
• Feeling of acceptance, the possibility of establishing friendship and self-esteem
• Increased ability to learn through interaction with others,
• Learned new skills and knowledge
• Ability to include life and work and, ultimately, a life satisfaction
• Developing humanity, volunteerism and accepting a spectrum of diversity
• Establishing an atmosphere of cooperation and team work among students
• Reduce social exclusion
• Strengthen self-confidence
• Strengthen preserved creative potentials
• Full utilization of human resources (employment opportunities, productivity)
• Tolerant Society (Social Cohesion)

Sources of verification
• They state their attitude and defend it
• They organize and run various various initiatives-
• Solve the obstacles they find in planning
• They make various items, use the tools they need to work and choose a job or activity that suits them
• They know that they maintain hygiene in the area they work in,
• They know that they organize activities in accordance with the time
• They know that they are dealing with money and controlling it
• They organize free activities themselves according to their wishes and needs.
4. At the very end of the project, we will implement the final panel where we will present the entire project and the results.
The project will be organized in the premises of the Association where we have all necessary basic resources, local community, will last for ten months in the territory of the Municipality of Bar.
Within the project "KNOWLEDGE AGAINST PRE-SUCCESS AND INCLUSION OF PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES" supported by the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights NGO "ADRIA" as the partner of the project with the "Society of Parents of Children with Special Needs" as the partner, held the first of the three seminars foreseen in the project. The aim of the seminar is motivation, information, sensitization of seminar participants to get to know the rights and obligations of OSI, and to find ways and possibilities for active involvement in the community of people with disabilities with respect for equal opportunities for all. She was a trainer at the seminar Miluša Žugić and kotrener Marina Martinović. The opening of the seminar was, to our great satisfaction,Mrs. Aleksandra Popović in front of the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights. The seminar was also attended by representatives of the Center for Professional Rehabilitation from Podgorica.