Gratitude for Participation in the 9th International Conference “A Bit More” in Novi Bečej

I would like to thank the Home “St. Vasilije Ostroški the Wonderworker” – Novi Bečej for the invitation to participate in the 9th International Conference “A Bit More” from June 4th to June 7th, 2024. The theme of the regional conference was “Development of Community Services as Prevention of Institutionalization and Social Integration of Vulnerable Groups of the Population”. At the conference, we exchanged experiences, learned a lot, and provided suggestions to improve all services that are necessary and priority for all vulnerable groups of the population. The focus of our association was on the development of services and the integration of adults with developmental disabilities into the community in our municipality. I can say everything in superlative about the work of the Home “St. Vasilije Ostroški the Wonderworker” – Novi Bečej, starting from the numerous services they provide to the users, the quality of services, the professional staff, and all other employees, and their relationship with the users. All the services they provide are highly organized and tailored to the needs of the users. I would also like to highlight the “Supported Living” service, which is essential for our users – adults with developmental disabilities, as well as other services they provide that are necessary for our users who cannot use the Supported Living service. I am honored to have attended this gathering and take this opportunity to thank everyone for the warm welcome and reception and the overall organization of the event. I would especially like to thank Director Ljiljana Bognić and all the employees at the home who extended their hospitality to us! I sincerely hope that we will continue our cooperation and that they will be our guests at the NGO “Adria” and share their experiences on how to implement these services, which are a priority for the social integration of adults with developmental disabilities, in our municipality.