Social Support Services for People with Disabilities – Supported Living

The seminar “Social Support Services for People with Disabilities – Supported Living” is supported based on the Contract on the Allocation of Financial Resources supported by the Decision on the Allocation of Funds for Projects and Programs of Non-Governmental Organizations for 2023 by the Municipality of Bar.

In this way, we marked 22 years of daily work with users and commemorated December 3rd, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Our goal is to ensure a secure future for adults with developmental disabilities after us. This support service, Supported Living, is essential for them and their families because it keeps them integrated into the community and continues mutual socializing through various daily activities and interaction with a familiar environment. For adults, there is still no systemic support in the community other than the services provided by our association, and we believe it is time to address this issue as Supported Living is recognized in our law. NGO Adria thanks the local community of Bar Polje for the space and great understanding of our work.